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My New Balinese Lifestyle !

Hi you all!

performanceinbaliThe book of the week is Performance in Bali. I wanted to learn more about the Balinese culture and performance is a big part of it. Of course, I started my learning with Eat. Pray. Love 2 weeks ago ☺




More on Bali ->

Bali is amazing and I love every bit of it. It still has it strong Asian culture but you can definitely feel the influence of westerner in the landscape. In Bali, it is often easier to find Organic Café, health store, yoga studio, Beauty shop, Bookstore than in suburban America. Go Figure!

As you know I convert myself to nook books about a year ago but I can’t stop myself from visiting every bookstore in the city that I live in. I love the ones that are like library. The ones that you can actually go there for a couple of hours and shuffles trough good book without spending any money. I have to admit that every time it is really hard for me to leave empty hand… but I have to it is part of the lifestyle that I choose. The smells of those books! Oh God, there is nothing better than that. Don’t worry, I am getting better and better at it and my bag and shoulder are thankful for that.

Vagabonding in the city of Bali->

My other discovery is the beauty shop that carries American and European products. In many other part of the world if you don’t carry what you need the chance of finding this items is pretty null. As a result, I have not use any beauty products, eye cream or makeup in over 2 years. Wow! It is not that I am missing it that much but it is more than once in a while it is nice to have good tools to look amazing., at an expat dinner for example. Shockingly, in Bali I even found the eye cream that I use call Revitol Eye Cream, the one that it is usually only available online and of course don’t deliver to Asian Country.


-Beauty Store Revitol Reviews
-Read more about western influence in Bali

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I am following Elizabeth’s Story. I am moving to Bali!

Hi All, I hope your week was amazing because mine was :P





First things first, my nook book recommendation for this week is called “The Book of unknown Americans: A novel” **Review coming soon**




I am moving to Bali!!! Vietnam was amazing, but honestly this commute was starting to wear me out and it was time for a change. I apply to another program in Bali, last month and because it is a really popular place, I was not expected to get a spot in the team. I DID IT! I have received my offer letter this morning and YOU are the first to know about it.

Teaching English abroad is often related to sharing a bedroom in the school dorm with another teacher and it is what my move to Bali entails. Of course, like everything in life it has its advantage and disadvantage. First the privacy is not always there especially that often you work the same hour as your roommate. On the other hand, it can help in case of loneliness to have someone that is always there to cheer you up… I want to be positive about this move, but my last sharing experience was terrible because I was teamed with probably the only women on earth that snore that horribly. Seriously, that was unbearable…. I suffer a lot during those 3 months, as I could not get myself to talk to her about it. I was always miserable and sleepy and I did not enjoy Prague at all. I recently though about her when my mother talked to me about a mouthpiece for snoring that she bought for my father after reading a Zquiet Review. I even though about sending one to her to save all her future roommate. Other than that she was a great friend and confidant and it is probably why it was so hard to talk about it, I did not want to lose what we had build.


I am moving at the end of November and I am trill about it and I wont let anything spoil my time in Bali. If something’s bothered me in Bali, I take the pledge to you to talk to her about it whatever the outcomes of it. I am an adult now and maybe those 5 years gave me maturity and has improved my communication skill. Lol.


My prayer for this month, I hope the women that I will share my room with don’t snore!

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Eat, Pray, Love Book Review

eatprayloveIn her early thirties, Elizabeth Gilbert had everything a modern American woman was supposed to want and have: A husband, a suburb home and a successful career. However, like many other women out there, instead of feeling happy and fulfilled, she felt consumed by panic and confusion. This adventurous book is the story of how she decided to left behind all these “success” as you can follow her quest across 3 different countries. The three “I” Italy, India and Indonesia. She is going to indulge herself truly in three different culture: pleasure in Italy, devotion in India, and on the Indonesian island of Bali, a balance between worldly enjoyment and divine medicine.

A really good, great book to read. I have actually found out that they also made a movie out of her story in 2010 and it is definitely on my list of things to watch soon.

You can buy the Nook Here!

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Pregnancy Books

pregnantAs you all know I am a big reader and I can easily read a book in a really short period of time. It is great because I my list of book to read is never ending, but it turns to be also great for the other people around me. In fact, my friend and Family have start to “hire” me to do research and read book for them. A good example is my sister. She is 6 months pregnant and of course as every mother will do, she “prepared” herself by trying to read the entire collection of book about pregnancy. However, she is a nurse and she have little to no time to really read diligently through all the one that she would like. So, she propose to hire me by giving me a list of title of book she would like to read and I have to report to her a summary. EASY! At least for me it is.

So 3 months ago I have started reading all the book on her list, one by one, night after night. It is so funny because as you know I read a lot in the train and people are actually congratulated me for my new coming baby. Lol I am trying to explain to them that I am not pregnant but I guess I got lass in translation and I just end up saying thank you.

Instead of writing a world document about my finding and give it to her as a resume I have decided to help myself with a web base resource for new mothers. I found many really interesting website that will help me build a nice resource of information for my sister. The type of useful information that I found range from a Venapro Reviews that offer Natural Hemorrhoids Treatment to help pregnant women until baby dressing code and shower advices. Seriously, the number of information that you can find on baby’s and all those “expert” are making me crazy. I mean since when it has become so complicated to have babies! I think I am a most more traditional women.

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B.R. The Real Food Revolution

booktherealfoodIn our consumerism world of today, a dollar gets you a quick burger, but this book is questioning what is the real cost of that meal? On you health? We are facing an increase of chronic disease such as diabetes and obesity. Our “modern” lifestyles have turn upside down in recent years getting people out of their family kitchen. The term meal does not resonate as family time anymore, and it is more something that we need to do while driving, or between two chores, or even worst the face pointing on your computer/phone/tablet. You know I am a big reader and I spend a lot of time reading on my Nook. However, eating and reading are two separate things for me and they should exactly be treated like that. There is time to eat and time to read and each of them deserve my full attention.

Cost of Medical expenses related to those “new” disease are ever higher while “threatening to give America its first generation to actually live shorter lives than their parents.” Which sound horrific? Doesn’t it? And what about all those new disease like contiguous warts, without the Wartrol Reviews and the other treatment out there some of us will be worst than better. Unfortunately finding good nutrition is not that easy not that fast-food have monopolized the market and are literally everywhere, convenient and cheap.  More Americans live in cities, far from the old common farmer’s field and the theory of self-sufficiency. To overcome distance and limited time because of our drastic way of living population are not relying on industry (which mean transformed, ready to eat food) to put dinner on the table. However, those industry do not have our best interest at heart (even if the slogan mention it). CEO, Management and Stock holder value efficiency and short-term profits over our children health.

The book was written by Congressman Tim Ryan who shows a certain joy of farm-fresh produce. In this book, he presents easy, actionable steps that anyone can take, from starting a garden to tactics to implement nutrition education in schools.

He also present some of the current food revolutionaries, who are shining examples of people who saw a problem with how we think about food today, rolled up their sleeves, and raised a crop of positive change. Overall a really great book full that will motivate you and empower you to make a change. This book really emphasis the effect on small change individually means big change collectively and that we are all winner at the end.

Where to buy the book:

-Nook- the-real-food-revolution-tim-ryan-congressman



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Nook GlowLight. The Best for Books – Days & Nights

nookglowI can emphasis enough how much in love I am with my new Nook GlowLight. It is definitely the best Nook so far and it is perfect for every occasion.

This year, I am teaching in Northern Vietnam but I always dream about living in Hanoi so I am doing the commute by Train every day and night. It is really not a big deal for me since I love to read and to be in a train. Especially those Asian train where you are treated like a princess days in days out. And the food is amazing! Seriously, what is better than finishing a long day of teaching relaxing in a train, reading a good book on my New Nook and eating delicious Vietnamese food? Oh and did I mention the excellent glass of wine? So like I said, the commute really not a big deal!! I live in LA a couple of years ago when I was taking night class in psychology and let me tell you I HATE this commute!

The new Nook GlowLight is equipped with a Built-in reading light witch make it perfect for night train reading session. It has a 6″ screen that make it really portable and light to carry if you compare with those 10″ tablet that are much more heavy and expensive. It also has a special paper-like reading that make each letter clear and bright. The new Nook use an E Ink Display that feels and make it look just like paper.


I love book, and I like to have book on me all the time and the nook literally save my back and shoulder. Lol. But this new Nook is even better because it holds Holds 2X as many books that my last Nook (the Simple Touch). It has 4GB of storage which mean that you can hold up to 2000 books in your hand with one little shinny nook :)

They upgrade the battery life and now keep the battery lasts up to 8 weeks on a single charge! The build in WiFi make it supper easy to just stop to an internet cafe and upload a tons of book when I run out of things to read.

Voila! That was my reviews on my new Nook GlowLight.

Keep Reading Nookers!